Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together answers to the questions you might have – and some you might never have thought of...

  1. Can I still book if my accommodation hasn't yet been confirmed?

    Of course you can. After purchasing your experience, you will be able to log into your view your purchase to let us know any updated details. 

  2. I’m a single traveller but the experience requires a minimum of at least two people, can I still book?

    Yes and we welcome single travellers. If the activity you’d like to book isn’t coming up for a single traveller, please drop us a line. 

  3. Are accommodation and flights included?

    Azooki helps you to book and uncover amazing things to do in Asia’s most enchanting destinations. Accommodation and flights aren’t included in the activities.  

  4. Do I need my own insurance?

    Azooki strongly recommends that you have your own travel insurance which includes the activities which you have purchased. Insurance is not included in the overall price of the experience. 

  5. Can I select my own pick up time?

    Of course you can. Azooki specialises in private and personalised tours. Please let us know your preferred pick up time at the time of making your booking. 

  6. How do I cancel a booking?

    Please take a look at our terms and conditions on how to cancel a booking and how far in advance you would be required to do this.

  7. How do I change a booking?

    Please take a look at our terms and conditions on how to amend a booking and how far in advance you would be required to do this.

  8. How do I search for a specific type of experience?

    The Azooki website is very easy to navigate. Just go to the homepage (, put in your destination and passion and your choices will automatically appear. 

  9. How do I book an experience?

    Once you have found the experience or experiences you like, please add them to your basket and click on proceed which will take you to the confirmation stage of your booking. 

  10. How can I pay for my experiences? How about other currencies?

    On Azooki, you can pay with all major credit cards and currently we accept payment in USD, AUSD, GBP and EUR. We hope to bring more currencies soon to Azooki. 

  11. I like to book at the last minute as my itinerary can change. What is the minimum day to book?

    Of course you can but our most popular tours do get booked up so we do recommend trying to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

  12. I am planning to bring my only child for the adventure. Do you have child rates?

    This depends on the experience. If a child rate isn’t listed, please drop us a line and we can sort this out for you.

  13. Are trips physically demanding?

    When you select a tour, you will see on the right hand side its level of physical demand. If you’re still not sure about a particular tour, please be in touch.

  14. Are there age restrictions on your trips?

    There aren’t age restrictions on Azooki experiences but we do recommend that you take a look at the itinerary to see if it’s suitable for your children. At Azooki, we understand that what may be suitable for one child might not be for someone of a similar age. Also, as all of our experiences are private, there is adaptability if we can see the tour isn’t working for you. 

  15. How do I know if the experience is available at the time and dates I am looking for?

    At the time of booking, only available dates will be available for purchase. 

  16. What kind of experience can I find on Azooki?

    We have carefully curated all of our experiences into six passions including adventure, nature, food and drink, wellness, social good and local culture which are ideal whether you are a family, couple, adventure seeker, business traveller, eco-traveller, foodie or explorer.

  17. What happens once my payment has been accepted?

    You will receive a confirmation email from Azooki with your reference number and will be in touch before you are picked up for your experience. 

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